Has ISIS been defeated?

There are some analysts who would like to think that ISIS has been defeated in Syria and Iraq. That maybe the case on the ground where they have a lost a lot of territory gained in the  recent civil wars that raged in both of the countries, however even with American and Russian intervention that nothing could be far from the truth.

The Middle East is the birthplace of ISIS, El Qaeda, Hamas, Jihad Islam, Hezbollah, where Africa has the headache of Boko Haram, Al-Shabab, and other radical factions spread over North Africa. The rest of the world has been poisoned with Islamic radicalism namely Europe where recent attacks have proved their points that the Europeans have no idea of how to deal with them. Regarding Asia they still have not a secure foothold as yet but that is to be seen very soon.

ISIS ideologically has not been defeated at all and has sown the seeds in Europe way before the Russians, Americans and now the Iranians have intervened in the civil wars that raged in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS derr

Many strategic analysts are not even sure whether or not they are fighting a conventional war, or a so called war on terrorism. Tactics other than surgical attacks to go for the terrorist leaders have not worked at all as ISIS for example has a strong foothold in Europe, and all over Europe.

The question is when and where will the next attacks take place! Can they be prevented? No!

According to European Intelligence sources that there are roughly 200 plus ISIS fighters of European origin spread around Europe under the guise of refugees who recently fled the wars and insurgency in the Middle East and North Africa.

I have to say that their estimates are totally wrong and it is more than 2,000 plus so called Jihadists in Europe plus the logistical support of the local Islamic population. Show trials in the European courts of Jihadists arrested are a waste of time. There is only one way to deal with Jihadists and that is to neutralise them and all those who supply and support them.

This is not a conventional war!!

By Daniel Sharon   

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