Interview to MR. TOMER ISRAELI

Interview to Mr. TOMER ISRAELI

Head Instructor and Owner

Israeli Tactical School LLC, Washington, DC


First of all, I want to thank Mr. Tomer for the opportunity to give me this interview.


1. For our readers that are not so familiar with this area, can you explain what Israeli Tactical School does? It means, what services provides?

A: Israeli Tactical School is a Counter Terror School operates globally in 6 locations globally in USA, Asia, Europe and Latin America. As former elite special units in the Israeli Secret Service and army special units we provide training services from regular people and professional in the following fields of expertise : self defense, active shooter, close protection and SWAT.

2. How this idea emerged? Arises from the need that existed in this sector?

A: When I was still in the secret service I was introduced to the way the law enforcement dealing with active shooter situations and I knew immediately that the Israeli Secret Service doctrine could contribute lot and filling the big gaps between the way the special elite units are dealing with Active shooter in the USA. Basically they always late to response and usually count the casualties not able to influence really the events. The Israeli secret service fighting system is very very different and much more result oriented.

3. What kind of profile appears in your school to receive training or need other services?

A: Our focus on beginners at the beginning changed lately. Nowadays we train governments in variety of missions profiled and professions. What interesting about us I think, that as a school we have access to deep knowledge not easy to be found out of the Israeli most elite agencies like the Mossad, secret service and Israeli elite army units.

4. What professions they have, ages, nationalities?

A: We have students almost from all the nationalities.

5. You have Schools all over the world, why not in Southern Europe like Spain, Italy or Portugal? and in Germany why not? or you gave some courses there?

A: We provide courses in the highest level in our Milano Branch in Italy. Regarding the other western countries there up some restrictions on live fire training for civilians but we do train law enforcement and army units on the regular basis also in Western Europe.

6. I supposed that you also work directly with the Government, in this case can you specify some Operations, obviously respecting the confidentiality.

A: We train governments units in variety of subjects from hostage rescue SWAT training, CP, counter surveillance and aviation security.

7. How is training carried out in your schools? what does it consist of?

A: Depends, but usually combat skills divided in our school to intensive fire arms and Krav Maga fundamentals and later we dive to the professions in the team or unit and focus more on the main objectives of the unit we train or the different professions in the team like in a SWAT unit that have many professions such as : breach, sniper, rappelling and others – all require separate skills and abilities and together they compliment each other and everything falls to his right place.

8. The processes of selection to access and to finish your trainings are too hard? That is, there are many people left out in the selection processes before entering and others stay halfway?

A: our civilians courses designed especially for beginners with no or limited experience the filter not exist really – in some rare cases you need to take some of the program again. But the approach is to teach up to your ability and not beyond. In the professional courses unless we being asked to do it, we don’t serve as filter – but the courses are very tough and professional so the level should be very high anyway.

9. How many years have you been working in this sector?

A: The school exist since late 2011.

10. In what year did the school have more demand? And what exactly did the students or clients ask for?

A: We experience increase in the demand worldwide and the students seeking for real, high quality and demanding course and these we provide in big portions 😉

11. Your professionals besides training Krav Maga and other practical techniques, most of them of official military instruction, have also University education? In which area? A: I have BA In Economics.

12. The professionals of the School are subject to psycho-technical and psychological tests of aptitude to assess their emotional stability for the responsibility of a certain position?

A: Yes, all instructors in the school passed the most demanding psychological tests we are trained to test the students to their limit without crossing safety strict guidelines.

13. In private security, do you have clients from political and governmental environment?

A: yes, some of our clients are political figures and some belong to the government.

14. How do you think is the business of private military security in the United States in analogy with Europe?

A: After the semi and almost complete withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq, we experience decrease in demand for private military globally.

15. What are the fundamental values of Israeli Tactical School?

A: Elite Israeli counter terror & Security training from the source of the actual agencies that dealing with these challenges on a regular basis and in the highest level exist.

16. Do you consider that your job is high risk? Can you tell us some situation that you have lived that made you doubt about your profession?

A: we are professionals and for us risk is part of the job therefore, we apply strict safety procedures with everything we do and demand and supervised our students to make sure it’s kept in the highest level. I don’t recall an incident that made me feel doubts about my profession, but I wake up every morning with the sense of responsibility that it may happened today and my job to prevent the danger.

Once again I would like to thanks to Mr. Tomer for granted me a so professional interview about Israeli Tactical School that has an important role in this sector at an international level. Many thanks to share with us your experience and expert knowledge.

Barcelona, February 01st, 2017


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