GEOPOLITICS and GEOSTRATEGY based their methodology in a realistic view and opinion based on a local, national or international analysis about internal relations politics between states, governments and countries.

In these topics pragmatism and decision making are concepts of extremely reference and experts could have a decisive role regarding a specialized knowledge related to a media topic.

Geopolitics center its studies on the evolution of processes and historic events over time.

In Geopolitics, experts comment about important themes as employment, powers of high diplomatic positions, politicians and their professional performance in the government.

Specialists try to define trends, limits and conditions in a certain society.

Interprets in a particular way the political phenomenology, having clear essential concepts as interests and mainly aims, always take into account the hierarchy of powers and the impact of geography on politics, respecting an impartial view.

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Geostrategy is considered a subfield of geopolitics, focus its studies in analyzing geographic factors and resources, to could explain how foreign policies are influenced by strategically decisions on a regional or a global scale, always considering social-economical factors and also military planning. For that search methods for achieving national goals or military security assets.

Has a very practical and proactive role, exploiting all the points-of-view from a society, a nation.


By Virgília Pires