Terrorism and counter terrorism

By Daniel Sharon

  • Terrorism- Threatening populations or individuals by striking fear or carrying out acts to damage property, maim or kill in order to succeed or gain a motivated goal, whether political, religious or otherwise and to promote specific involved terrorists or a terror organization or a government sponsored entity to subdue individuals or populations.


  • Counter terrorism- Can be divided between preventive actions and reactions in order to prevent acts of terror taking place, also is used to penetrate organizations suspected of being involved in terrorism by the use of intelligence gathering beforehand in order to expose a particular terror group. It is   subdivided into preventive intelligence, operational planning, preventive security measures and a reactive policy of preventing terror acts from taking place by the neutralizing of the threats before they are allowed to occur.

Counter terrorism in simple words if adhered to the meaning is to take the war to the terrorists before they can wage war on you and succeed in attaining their goals. It is preferred to prevent terror and to keep the terrorists on the defence instead of the opposite situations. “The best defence is to attack”.

By Daniel Sharon