The US retaliation in Syria for the use of chemical weapons by Assad

The US retaliation in Syria for the use of chemical weapons by Assad

After the whole world was shocked after seeing the results of Bashar Assad’s targeting his own people with chemical weapons which are forbidden by the Geneva Convention, at least one world leader decided that enough is enough and ordered the US strike at the airbase where the weapons were sent from.


President Donald Trump unlike his predecessor made the right decision politically and strategically even though the decision to strike at the perpetrator was late but at least the president showed the world that the USA cares about what is happening in Syria. The US is still a force to be reckoned with unlike the rest of the world and the European cowards who just condemn and have not done a thing to stop the slaughter in Syria.

The Russians are still playing games on the pretext of aiding Assad in his so called campaign against the Syrian dissidents (Opposition Forces) and ISIS fighters who have both similar objectives but ideologically are worlds apart.

Assad has ruthlessly murdered more than 500,000 of his own people and will continue till stopped, but then the question is who will replace him? What we have now other than the Russians supporting him logistically and it is quite possible that Russian pilots are also involved in the bombing of the civilian population flying Syrian Airforce jets which they have done so in the past back in the 6 day war in 1967 where they were shot down by the Israeli Air Force.

Russia has reiterated that the strike at the airfield suspected of sending the chemical weapons has damaged Russian/ US relations! So what is going to be the next steps over the next few days? The Russians will not risk a direct conflict with the USA in order to save face by their backing of Assad’s regime and his so called war on ISIS and the opponents to his regime.

What we may see possibly that Russia will slowly abandon Assad which I hope will happen soon as possible as Putin will not go to war with Trump to allow Assad to continue. It is like the Cuban crisis in 1962 when the US president then JFK blockaded Cuba in order to prevent the installation of Russian missiles that would have threatened the USA directly. In that scenario Nikita Khrushchev backed down.

The same will happen now that Putin will back off and remove his forces from Syria but this is only an assertion in order to avoid a conflict that would escalate into a global conflict (WW3) which will never happen unless North Korea will possibly be attacked by the USA. That is another conflictive issue that has been boiling over since 1950.


By Daniel Sharon   

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