The world watches another holocaust in Syria unfolding and does nothing about it!

The world watches another holocaust in Syria unfolding and does nothing about it!

Maybe Donald Trump can do something about it but he needs the backing of the UN to remove Assad from power and bring him to justice or kill him as he will go down in history as the one of the worst criminals of crimes against humanity along with Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein and other arch dictators over the last 100 years of history.

Why is it happening? The answers are obviously clear! Nobody cares as they all seem to be tied up with solving the North Korean issues, Iran, Iraq, ISIS and other trouble spots around the globe. WW2 should have been a lesson for humanity regarding the holocaust and the crimes committed by the Nazis and their collaborators, however the UN is run by a bunch of cowards, and the EU is the same regarding the possibilities of multiple terror attacks in most of the European countries.

How many people have to suffer because of the naivety of the UN? Donald Trump will be in Israel on the 23rd of May! What is he up to? He is not coming to Israel just to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem! My belief is that he is coming here to coordinate a strategic attack on Syria from Israel through the Golan Heights in order to remove Assad from power and reinstate order in Syria.


He cannot launch it from Turkey for obvious reasons as there are a Muslim State that has a common border with Syria in the north but there could be a possibility of the Kurdish faction being hurt by such an attack.

The USA has only one real ally in the Middle East and that is Israel without doubt as the other so called allies can’t be trusted including Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Kuwait. These states are US allies but have done nothing to prevent events in Syria occurring.

The next few days will determine future events and the tide of history.


By Daniel Sharon

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