The Manchester Terror Attack


While the world reels in horror, it is the same story again and again of complacency. Manchester has a massive population of Muslims who are on the whole law abiding UK citizens.

The British people once again became victims of Islamic Terrorism. The security forces still have not got it right in how to deal with ISIS terrorists. The preventive security is a joke as they have become responsive security instead of the opposite!

The Manchester Police Chief Constable is talking through his head that it was the work of a lone wolf attack in such a huge arena. In order to kill so many people and injure so many, the bomber needs at least 12 to 15 kilos of C4 or Semtex, a bulky suicide vest, trigger mechanism and  a collaborator to drive the bomber to the target or he could arrived at  the target by train as the station is very close to the arena.

Collaborators obviously were involved and not a lone wolf attack as iterated by the Manchester Police chief.

Security in such events is a joke in the UK! The Counter Terror Forces have no real time experience and expertise like we have in Israel. The bomber along with his operators attained the advantage over the security and had done their homework as the security obviously were poorly trained and quite possibly in collaboration with the attacker.

A lot of the security employed in the UK are of Pakistani origin with UK passports and are legally living in the UK. Manchester has a large community of this origin.

Wake up Britain as your enemies are living amongst you and are making a mockery of the security and emergency forces!!

I worked for 1 year in Manchester back in 2004 and I know who I am dealing with..


By Daniel Sharon

Israeli Police Ret.


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