The London Terror Attack

at.pngWinston Churchill once said at the height of the Nazi onslaught in WW2 when the German air force the “Luftwaffe” bombed Britain’s cities and the Germans contemplated to invade the UK that “We will fight them on the beaches, but we will never surrender to Hitler’s tyranny” Now the British along with Europe are having to fight Islamic Terror on the streets. The problem is that they have not learned how to fight them. ISIS claimed responsibility for the recent attack at Westminster adjacent to the Houses of Parliament!!

The problem is that most of the terror attacks in Britain were of Pakistani origin!

The attacks on the London Underground, Glasgow Airport and they all originated from Islamic hatred of the Western Culture.

If we examine the origins of all of these attacks in Britain, Germany, France, and Belgium then we can see that there is a pattern whether the attacks are “Lone Wolf Attacks” or pre planned or inaugurated from the situation in the Middle East and the Far East.

Britain in its recent referendum decided by a majority to leave the EU has not made the slightest difference in the Islamic time bomb that is ticking in the EU or the fact that Britain cannot hide behind its island borders separated the English Channel.

The Muslim Population in the EU is immense along with the population of Muslims living in Britain and are British citizens. The UK security services once considered as the best in the world are at a loss of how to deal with the problems that are arising in its midst.

The attack in London was no doubt a one mean job, well planned and a copy of the attacks in France and Germany. However the solution has to punitive and harsh! The Islamic learning centres have to be closed down permanently! Those involved in conspiracies to commit terror attacks to have their citizenships revoked and deported back to their countries of origin before chaos hits the streets which is inevitable.

New emergency laws regarding terrorism have to be created to serve not only the British interests but the whole of the European continent as a solution in the war on terror. ISIS has been losing ground in Syria and Iraq but the radicals are already in Europe and have been in Europe for decades.

The security services have to be trained thoroughly in how to identify threats and contain them before they become a national catastrophe. The biggest problem at the moment is that the radicals have seen that the “Lone Wolf Attacks “are successful and difficult to prevent.

The core of the problem also is complacency which is another headache for the governments as the situation at the moment can only be seen to escalate.

By Daniel Sharon

Israeli Police Ret


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