An insight to “Demographic Profiling” of suspects from the Middle East

An insight to “Demographic Profiling” of suspects from the Middle East

Ever since the EU opened its doors to mass immigration of dissidents from the conflicts in the Middle East he decisions makers had not realized the need for special training in profiling persons as they have never encountered or assessed the dynamic situation that challenged them. In fact they had not assessed the unfolding dangers that could come about through lack of real time experience in demographic profiling in order to identify threats coming through the borders of Europe.

The lack of training even at a risk of  1% to 2% of the populations being ISIS terrorists or El Qaeda fighters will have catastrophic results if there are multiple terror attacks looming  as we are talking about 10,000 to 20,000  terrorists including recruits from El Qaeda, Islamic Jihad, Boko Haram, Palestinian dissidents, Hamas, and other Islamic splinter groups. These numbers are not exaggerated to frighten or cause panic but a truthful estimation of the possibilities looming.

midle east


Of course there are ways of identifying them but the Europeans have no idea of demographic profiling and what it is all about?

In Europe this kind of ant-terror processing is considered an infringement of privacy and illegal, but now the cards have been turned on European democracy and unfortunately European countries will pay for outright complacency over the years however mistakes can be rectified but it will be very painful for the innocent existing populations all over those countries.

The gateways into Europe will be the first to suffer as primary or secondary targets. Obviously the initiative is on the side of the terrorists not like here in Israel where is the opposite situation regarding our ways of dealing with terrorists and their families.

There are countless ways of  identifying travelers from the Middle Eastern countries, and these are just examples of  telling a way to verify the I. D. of a particular person or persons, of course there are the different Arabic dialects in all these countries which only a competent Arabic speaker can detect, Syrian Arabic is different to Palestinian or Lebanese or Algerian or Tunisian Arabic in the way that in Algerian or Tunisian Arabic a lot of French words have been adopted into the language but basically all the translations in all the Arabic language are the same.

Palestinian Arabic is very guttural sounding and similar to the dialect spoken in Jordan.

Example of this can be found when someone allegedly a Jordanian or Egyptian entering the US  on their national passport but whilst making basic enquiries in immigration that particular person speaks Arabic with a Lebanese or Syrian dialect, then it is 100% certain that he is traveling on a forged passport and should be considered a possible security risk.

Intelligence Agencies in the USA/ UK and Europe are in some respect relying on Israeli Intelligence in order to track the movements of suspected terrorists from the Middle-East, their organizations, and in this way it is possible to determine whether or not that is a security threat looming.

To be able to minimize such a scenario occurring, the personnel in immigration especially in the UK where the borders in Europe are completely open because of the European Union are at a greater terrorism risk than ever before.

With certain training it is possible to identify potential terrorists entering through immigration into a Western Country by their countries of origin, towns and cities, family names, father’s names, grandparent’s names, Arabic dialects etc.


Daniel Sharon

International expert on profiling and body language

Israeli Police Ret.





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