Are you ready Europe?

Are you ready Europe?

Christmas is only around the corner! Can you prevent a terror attack? What preventive measures have been taken to prevent a terror attack occurring initiated by ISIS or even a «Lone Wolf Attack« from taking place?

Are the security forces in place to prevent an attack from taking place at any given city anywhere in Europe? I have my doubts as no terror group or a lone wolf is going to attempt an attack where the security is tight and security measures have been revamped to prevent such an incident from taking place.

Obviously the terror groups are going to do their homework all over the continent in order to see what the weak links are in security and where the security is going to be vulnerable, also they will be looking for preferred soft targets where it will be easy to penetrate for example a shopping mall, or a church during a Christmas mass.

Security and intelligence will have to revamp and revise their methodology in order to prevent any such incidents from becoming a reality. In other words to think like a terrorist in order to prevent such an incident. All security has to do is to be a step ahead and beef up the potential soft targets and put more security on the streets to make a terrorist’s attack difficult to implement.


By Daniel Sharon

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