Trump, Geopolitics and the World 2017

Trump, Geopolitics and the World 2017

Are we on the verge of a new World political balance ? Will Trump’s election and first stage of his presidency bring a radical change in the way some superpowers are relating with each other, mainly USA, China and Russia ?
Some commentators are saying that Russia, although becoming more similar with the old USSR, will approach Trump’s foreign policy agenda, and tensions with USA will be more relaxed at least for 2017.
Others (and/or the same ones…) predict that tensions between USA and China will rise to a higher level, although US economy depends so much on Chinese comercial deals, Chinese investors, Chinese dynamics and Chinese growth rates…
Having said this, it is clear that 2017 will present us a large amount of very important questions, all demanding for very concrete answers on the short and medium term, because it is definitely sure that the World will not be the same anymore after this new coming US president, and after UK Brexit and EC progressive internal problems (Italia, etc).
However one thing is certain: Time Magazine “men of the year” is by himself a new reality that the world has to address very seriously…
The outcome ? That is the 1 “billion” dollars question !


By António Gonçalves



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