The Brexit phenomenon is currently one of the most uncertain events in Europe, mainly for the citizens of the United Kingdom and the emigrants who live there.

The Conservative Party was dominated public opinion until the electoral campaign where they lost enough votes with the measures that they intended for the country, losing its absolute majority in favor of the Labor Party that gained parliamentary ground.

A Brexit that was initially intended to be hard, mainly with hard and relentless measures with working migrants in the United Kingdom and the hiring of new community and non-community employees with absurd taxes, harming the hiring employee, will finally tend to a Soft Brexit with more agreements with Brussels, which intends to preserve trade relations with the country, mainly the access to the Single Market.

At the terrorism level, we wonder whether this would be the best time, given that entities such as EUROPOL, which enable rapid and accurate information quality among EU Member States in terms of sensitive information on the location of potential Jihadists, recruitment, enhancement and armament, will be affected and will be quite alone in this regard.

We understand that are indicators like the economy of a country and its GDP that are crucial for the correct development and operation of a sovereign State. However, Teresa May’s economic arguments for the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU, although understandable, when speaking of the United Kingdom position in Europe Union as one of the countries that contributed more financially to the EU and at the same time the one used the least money of European Monetary Fund.

We cannot understand this decision so much as regards the world’s greatest problem of terrorism. United Kingdom needs a greater investment in Defense and Citizen Security and certainly in prevention, and although it has the United States as an ally, it is not enough to combat all the terrorist groups that we know currently.

The whole situation of political instability with Northern Ireland and Scotland would have to be solved before making major decisions, and even though the IRA is in a dormant state, it still existing.

We even question the ability of MI6 and MI5 to manage terrorism, since the evidence we have shows that intelligence services are failing primarily in the early detection of a possible attack and even if terrorist activity is detected and identified, there is no prevention, monitoring and current laws to prevent the final tragedy that every day happens more uncontrollably and everywhere.

The modus operandi is difficult to identify and the means used for attacks are not always too elaborate or sophisticated. And all citizens believe that something is failing in the UK and in Europe, and we question that the Brexit has been a prudent and intelligent decision making.

The union is what makes the force and what can really stop the terrorists and not the separatism between countries.

Money is important, but the supreme protected legal good is life, and too many Lives are being lost. There are many people in high command positions, but few real leaders.


By Virgília Pires

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