The London Bridge Terror attack Enough is enough

Enough is enough

Theresa May’s famous quotation just days before the elections in the UK after the attacks at London Bridge! Who is she kidding? She maybe tried to get a vote of confidence in the elections but as the results showed a poor performance in getting the anti-terror prevention on track, as she did not prevent the attack after the Manchester attack. The police on the other hand worked effectively in neutralising the attackers within 8 minutes which was to their credit that they were close to the area where the attacks took place. More luck than common sense preventive measures!

Their performance shows that they have an enormous potential if the kid gloves are removed and work alongside MI5. The trouble is that MI5 along with the Scotland Yard Anti-Terror Units are sharing information too late as the attacks are still being carried out and there has not been a clean-up of the “Dirt in the backyard”.

The attackers still made a mockery of the security forces not because they were killed on the spot but because they managed to pull off with success a series of terror attacks without being detected beforehand!

In order to prevent attacks such as this then a lot of old fashioned groundwork has to be carried out in infiltrating the mosques and the Islamic learning centres in order to obtain information and expose any perpetrators of such acts of terror in the making.

The UK security along with the Europeans are still too politically correct in order not to offend the so called law abiding Muslims. There is only one way to get at the roots of the problems and that is to tread on peoples feet to get to the objectives. Profiling suitable agents to penetrate the radical movements and to become preventive instead of being just reactive.

The end results will prove that prevention is better than cure instead of having to make excuses to the victim’s families and the electorates in parliament.



By Daniel Sharon

Israeli Police Retired



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