Trump is coming… The future is coming..!

Trump is coming… The future is coming..!

In a few days the United States of America will have a new president and finally we would be able to uncover the clouds over this new presidency, confirming or denying the numerous  assumptions made since election day.

Will Putin make a move and put Trump against the wall ? Will Trump lift the sanctions recently imposed to the ex-leading country of Soviet Union – Russia, thus confirming what many commentators are saying that the all mighty Russian Czar has some hidden “trumps” in this tagged card game ?

New Picture (19).png

Some even say that we are heading to a potential war situation if this proclaimed new US policies are implemented, and not only with the problems in Europe, but also if we look into the potential crisis with China…

Then you could add to all the previous referred problems, the BREXIT implementation in UK, the next German and France major elections, and we would have a formidable set of questions without appropriate answers and most certainly bringing new dark clouds into the international skies.

Please pay attention to the early stages of 2017, and take a few notes to remember in the months and years to come…!

And… in case of any eventuality, make arrangements and start to store groceries, gas, and a proper emergency water supply, plus, why not, install a good access to a reliable two ways communications network (Internet is too risky with the hackers on the loose…)

The future is coming, Trump is coming, but nobody knows exactly what it is about to happen……


 By António Gonçalves

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