The attack yesterday, on November 24th, happened by the morning in a Sufi mosque, Al Rauda, ​​west of Al Arish on the Sinai Peninsula, when the main prayer of the week was celebrated.

Up to now, approximately 305 people have been killed, although there are 130 people injured and many of them seriously, where almost 30 of the victims are children.

More than 25 insurgents entered the mosque dressed as soldiers, raising the DAESH flag (however this information has not yet been corroborated) and killing the faithful who were praying, until fled when they heard the ambulances. All this was followed by a series of explosions caused by manual artifacts that were strategically placed around the mosque.

The president, Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, in homage to the victims will build a mausoleum.

In addition to his revenge with the performance of the air forces that are annihilating for hours the bases of the insurgents that would be located in the mountains of the Sinai Peninsula.

According to data from the Egyptian army, the four cars used to access the area of ​​the mosque were also destroyed, although they continue to search for terrorists involved in the massacre.

In 2005 in an Egyptian resort in Sharm, also in Sinai, killed 64 people in simultaneous attacks, 10 years later a Russian plane with 224 passengers crashed in the Sinai Peninsula in a deadly manner, with responsibility claimed by ISIS. In 2016, 24 people died in Cairo in another attack.

The biggest problem in this region of Egypt is the lack of military protection since the departure of Israeli troops that were until the year of 1979 when Cairo finally recognized the Jewish state, through the Peace Treaty with Israel.

The fight against the insurgency was reinforced since the defeat of Mohammed Morsi in 2013.

For that there have been confrontations between the Egyptian military and the DAESH in the Sinai region.

The Copts, faithful Christians, from the 70 began to suffer a certain discrimination due to the interests of Egypt, where the Muslim culture prevailed; in 2011 the Muslim Brotherhood attacked the Copts in force, although everything has improved with the government of Al Sisi.

In this mosque the Sufism is practiced, a Sunni branch of Islam that is against the jihadist terrorist movements which would justify the probable authorship of ISIS.


By Virgília Pires


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