Cybercrime trends that everyone should beware of

Cybercrime trends that everyone should beware of


Cybercrime trends that everyone should beware of According to one of the recent report provided by Europol – The European Union’s (EU) law enforcement agency, the volume, scope and cost of several cybercrime have reached very high levels – and are ready to get even higher. Now a days the percentage of cybercrime offences were becoming norm (usual) and all set to overtake the traditional crimes. There is a significant growth in cyber-facilitated activities relating to trafficking in human beings, terrorism and other threats. The day will not be so far when cybercrimes will became a real and significant threat to our collective Security. According to an assessment organized by Europol, Everyone should beware of some cybercrime trends for awareness and precautionary measures.

# Crime-as-a-Service There are several underground people and agencies that are regularly helping crime groups in terms of providing exploit tools and services within a business model which is based on the pillar of cybercrime. Terrorist actors clearly have the potential to access this sector in the future. # Ransomware Ransomware and banking Trojans (an exploit tool used to obtain confidential information about several customers and clients using online banking and payment systems) remain the top malware threats, a trend unlikely to change for the foreseeable future. # The criminal use of data Data remains a Favorite good for cyber-criminals. It is used for financial gain in many circumstances but it is mainly being used to commit more complex fraud, encrypted for ransom, or used directly for extortion.

# Payment fraud Several already taken measures like Chip Inserted Cards (Credit/Debit), PIN, Geoblocking etc. to eliminate card-related frauds, but malware attacks directly against ATMs continue to evolve and proliferate. Crime groups are starting to manipulate or compromise payments involving contactless (NFC) cards. # Online child sexual abuse The use of end-to-end encrypted platforms for sharing media, collaboration with the anonymous payment systems, has facilitated an increased trend in the live streaming of child sex or abuse.

# Abuse of the Darknet The Darknet continues to enable cyber criminals involved in a range of illegal activities, such as trade of counterfeit materials. Currently the use cyber techniques by criminal people and groups to conduct attacks are limited, but the availability of malicious tools and services, and illicit commodities such as illegal weapons on the Darknet, provides opportunity for this to change.

# Social engineering Terms like CEO fraud & Spear phishing are very popular among cyber criminals. An increase of phishing aimed at high value targets like Directors and CEO’s has been registered by several security agencies and private sector authorities. # Virtual currencies Virtual Currencies remains the choice for the payment for malicious tools and services over the Darknet. These currencies are also become the standard payment solution for extortion payments. Law enforcement agencies should respond to the changing threat by increasing their skill-sets, but misuse of legitimate anonymity and encryption services for illegal activities remains a serious obstacle to the detection & prosecution of criminals.


By Aron Berg

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