The roots of Islamic Fundamentalism

The roots of Islamic Fundamentalism


If we examine how the jihad evolved and how it was created then we have to go back to World War 2! What we are seeing today in Europe with the mass influx of refugees is a problem that started and goes back to the breakup of the colonial powers at the end of the “Second World War” with the granting of independence to various countries that were under the control of the colonial empires. After WW2 then the influx of Muslims started to penetrate Europe slowly but over the years increased till the Muslim population reached 30,000,000 of the Muslim faith not counting the Muslims in the Communist bloc countries and the countries that were behind the Iron Curtain. When the European Union was formed and the “Schengen agreement” allowed free travel with no border control between the member nations, none of the European Governments realised that they opened up “Pandora’s Box” for global terrorism to move freely amongst the European Capitals undetected.


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