Prevention overrides cure. A lesson from the terror attacks in Spain

It is easy to criticise other people’s mistakes, but when Israel contains terror, the whole world is in uproar in the way that we deal with Islamic terror. We are condemned for excessive use of force, We are condemned for preventing terrorists from getting their own way.

There is only one way to prevent terror and that is to kill it at the source, which the European leaders haven’t learned their lesson yet. ISIS is on the defence in the Middle East so there is only one way to release steam and that is to attack the infidels in Europe or the USA.

ISIS was in the making even when Osama bin Laden was alive and the head of El-Qaeda! Abdel Mussa El Zakawi attempted to create ISIS in Iraq by instilling terror on the occupation forces led by the USA after the fall of Saddam Hussein. In so many words he was the creator of ISIS till he himself was killed by the coalition forces, but his legacy remained and will remain for a long time till they are wiped out permanently. In the meanwhile ISIS has gained experience and knowledge in how to build and create chemical weapons which more than likely will be the next threat on European soil.

30,000,000 roughly is the Muslim population in Europe, maybe even more! What Muslim is going to turn over to the authorities another Muslim who maybe is a terrorist? Collaboration is a joke!

All the borders have to be sealed in Europe if terror is to be prevented and contained to a minimum. The influential leaders of the UK, France, Germany, Italy and now Spain are still living in a dream world of free enterprise and political correctness.

What we are seeing is part of the Islamic plan to dominate the world and it will work unless drastic steps are taken now!!


By Daniel Sharon       


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