The art of security profiling and spotting BPR (Behaviour Pattern Recognition)

The art of security profiling and spotting BPR

(Behaviour Pattern Recognition)


The art of security profiling has become a much sort after skill that is used especially in looking for threat indicators as possible danger or if a person is being interrogated by police, he or she can easily be spotted as a truthful person or a liar.

It is a valuable tool that is used especially in Israeli Airport Security to eliminate the possibility of a threat to a flight leaving Israel.

I profile on average 1000 people a day in order to look for tell-tale signs of a security threat to a flight such a terror attack or a possible skyjacking of a passenger plane. My record in profiling has been proved 100% that I never miss anyone and the profilers who work alongside me when I am not on duty never miss too.

The art is a total skill that has been obtained from over 25 years as a police CID interrogator as well as an intelligence profiler who has gained the experience of being able to spot behaviour pattern recognition of anyone standing in front of me. It does not matter if that person is unable to converse in the English, Hebrew or Arabic languages or any language so to speak.

As part of the process I use demographic proofing of the subject who I am observing before I encounter that person or attempt to converse with him or her just by looking at the person from a distance of less than 40 meters. I watch for tell-tale signs of nervousness in the face, body movements, walking pace, if that person is looking around for cameras or if he or she is gazing around to see if they have been spotted.

I look to see if the person is in a hurry or if they are trying to avoid “Eye Contact” This is where the process starts from the head downwards to the chest area, limbs and finally the legs as the last focal point of interest.

Of course there are certain ethnical groups who have a specific behaviour pattern recognition and therefore are easier to profile such as the Middle Eastern Subjects, or North Africans, Bedouins, Berbers, Africans, persons of Spanish origin, Portuguese, French, Europeans, and Asians. Persons who have lived all their lives in desert areas, persons suffering from malnutrition etc.

For reasons of security I cannot expose the tricks of the trade but only in a conference or persons with the highest security clearance.


By Daniel Sharon

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