“The Terror Whiplash”

“The Terror Whiplash”

What is a terror whiplash? We know what a whip is but what is a whiplash regarding terrorism? In layman’s terms it is an effect caused in reaction to what is going on in Syria and the world just sits down and watches events unfold even though all the world’s leaders are aware that Bashar Assad along with support from Russia in an apparent war against those who oppose his regime resulting in the mass refugee influx into Europe, and among them are terrorists who are getting a free ride through European non-existent physical borders under the guise of apparent refugees.

What we are seeing at the moment is small change until the terror groups get fully established in Europe and will be able to act freely like in Germany, France and the other EU countries with the knowledge that they can vanish as easily as they can carry out acts of terror just by being able to disappear into the refugee populations already being integrated into European Society.

God help Europe

By Daniel Sharon

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