Preventive Security for top targets

Preventive Security for top targets


The 3 circuits of dissuasion and what they are?

The circuits of dissuasion are intended to deter any would be intruder from entering illegally or otherwise to attack, steal, or for any given purpose other than legal entrance. It is intended to cover all complexes, train stations, power plants, airports, bus stations, military bases or any high security installation.




The slides are self-explanatory and they show all the advantages of having 360 degree coverage of a complex that is the Israeli Model of a total lockdown of any terror opportunity taking place. Terrorists know that they will be neutralised on the spot at the first circuit of dissuasion. For example as in Israel it is applied to airports, critical installations, or any high value targets, the principal is the same and can be adapted to any complex world wide.

By Daniel Sharon

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