Brazilian & Latin America next challenges

Brazilian & Latin America next challenges

The 200 hundred  million souls giant of Latin America, Brazil, seems not have found yet the minimum political stability necessary to face its immediate future and to make a turn around in the economy in view of the challenges that lie ahead.

Now, when a new fiscal limitation law has just passed in Brazilian parliament, a new set of problems involving some of the most important political actors is on the News and many commentators start to talk about a possible second presidential impeachment in less than a year. If this happens nobody knows what will be Brazil’s future prospects and how the country will be able to deal with the more than 200 politicians that are probably to be denounced criminally in the near future.

This collapse of the political foundations of this still young democracy, can eventually awake the desire of many for a military takeover of power and,  subsequently,  a big change in this region power coordinates.  Cuba is on the move after Castro’s death and nobody knows where is going to, Venezuela is close to a total social collapse, and Brazil  needs internal stability to fulfill its role has the natural big regional power, capable of moderating  the relations between a group of countries that have shown some sort of instability for decades.

On the other way, the appointment of Rex Tillerson, as the new US Secretary of State, confirms that South and Latin America will keep on going as a non-priority for American diplomacy, and therefore this part of the world is quietly moving forward with no indication of what it will be his course in the next years to come…

The World is about to bring us many surprises for 2017, I guess…


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