Dr Bashar Assad the 21st century Dr Josef Mengele


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Monsters are not born monsters but are created by political unrest, poverty, and many other factors. North East of Damascus there is a prison for political opponents or all those who resist verbally or physically to the Assad regime in Syria. According to Amnesty International 13,000 political opponents have passed through this complex never to be seen again.

From reports that I have received from sources here that there were mass executions and torture rooms that can be compared to Saddam’s interrogation centres in Iraq. The world just sits aside and does nothing as usual. All that interests them is the Palestinian- Israeli solution.

Bashar Assad was a paediatrician who studied medicine in London and now he will go down in history as a murderer along with the former henchmen of the Nazi Regime. He is a very intelligent man but he is also involved in mass murder and atrocities against his own people. He has surpassed Saddam Hussein and Gadhafi in his crimes.

Who is going to bring him to justice? Putin? No way is that going to happen! Aiding and abetting such a crime is just as bad as the perpetrator himself.


By Daniel Sharon 


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