The current role of Russia

Undoubtedly, on Russia’s position there is a clear interest in the geopolitical solidification in Asian territory, recovering the investments in the free market and international mercantile relations.

Putin uses in his mandate conservative policies, strongly based on the pragmatism, coinciding in this point several of the measures presented by Trump.

Both world powers are clear about the importance of their present presence in the Pacific, and in the East where there is an evident economic growth.

The Asian part of Russia is uninhabited, when it is 75% of the total of its territory, with only a quarter of the Russian population there resident. While the vast majority is in the European part.

The geostrategic situation of the Arctic between the United States and Russia is ideal for the military positioning of the air and sea armies, especially in the Barents Sea, which is being monitored more than two decades ago by the United States.

The consequences of the Cold War are evident in Russia’s actions with the world, mainly with the West, and with NATO, when it decided to add countries of the former Soviet Union before Russia, thus ignoring the repression of Soviet communism suffered by this country.

Russia has been observing, analyzing, proceed in silence, and preparing.

We forget that Russia and the United States have the most military nuclear armaments and both States share practical beliefs, with practical modus operandi, fast and drastically effective.

The maritime borders with the United States along the Bering Strait are a key geostrategic point for both countries.

cold war.png

The previous chaotic situation between the United States and Russia, due to the lack of leadership in the previous command, clearly influenced the whole calamity situation that is being experienced in Syria.

However, it seems that Putin and Trump share similar government policies and action on the ground. And the rapprochement between states is increasingly evident.

Is the largest country in the world with a privileged geostrategic situation, in addition to its history and war resources, being a desired ally for any intelligent State.

Silence is the best weapon of attack, and a country is in a dormant state, does not mean that it doesn’t have an active participation in other less conventional means.


By Virgília Pires


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